Who Are We?

We are a small family-run outfitting business for big game hunting that was established in 1996.

Travis and Michelle Reggear started their business because they had quality hounds and they wanted to give their children and family the ability to live and follow their dreams in North Central Idaho. Travis has been hunting hounds since he was 12 years old and began guiding hunters when he was 18, the first year he could get a guide’s license. He has lived in Idaho his entire life and is an expert on the animals and terrain in which he operates his business. Travis hires only first-rate guides who have years of experience, top-notch hounds, and quality equipment.

Idaho’s Leading Authority In
Black Bear, Mountain Lion & Bob Cat Hunting

Reggear Outfitters conducts a limited amount of hunts per year.
This ensures higher success rates for years to come.
Hover over the images below to know when the hunts for each animal happen.

Black Bears

Two time frames per year:
May 1 – May 31
September 15 – October 9th

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Mountain Lions

One time frame per year:
December 1 – March 31

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Bob Cats

One time frame per year:
December 14 – February 16

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