Black Bears

Black bear are very numerous and can get to an old age in our area. The seasons are more conservative than other areas and no baiting is allowed. This gives the bears a chance to grow to trophy size. We hunt in mountainous areas that have numerous old homestead and millions of fruit trees, plum, apple, cherry, chokecherry, pear to name a few. This is the main food source in the fall and bears travel for miles to come to these long time food sources. Since these fruits are mostly on private land we get to manage our populations to ensure high success. Great genetics and a rich food supply have a lot to do with the trophy size black bears taken every year by Reggear Outfitters.

Spring Hunts (May 1 – May 31) | Fall Hunts (September 15 – October 9)

Five Day Standard Hunt


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Mountain Lions

Reggear Outfitters operating area is located in the middle of the Bitterroot Mountains in the lower foothill regions. A 53 mile long reservoir is located right in the middle of it and the shores create a large wintering range for deer, elk, moose and other smaller game animals. Vast wilderness to the north and east are always spilling out many Mt. Lions following their food source. Consequently, this is the main reason for many trophy size Mt. Lions to become densely populated in a small area in which Reggear Outfitters hunt. Reggear outfitters harvest many cats that go Pope and Young. Each year we harvest 2 or more lions that would go Boone and Crockett. This is about 25% of our take each year.

Winter Hunts (December 1 – March 31)

Six Day
Single Person Hunt


Six Day
Two Person Hunt

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Bob Cats

If you are looking for an opportunity to harvest one of Idaho’s most secretive forest dwellers you have come to the right place. Reggear Outfitters offers a fully guided 5 day bobcat hunt with unlimited harvest opportunity. With an Idaho hunting license, no tag required, we will pursue and harvest as many bobcat as we can during this 5 day hunt. The season for bobcat runs from December 14th through February 16th. These cats have a variety of desirable markings that would make them a great addition to anyone’s Trophy Room. Bobcat in this area can grow in excess of 30 pounds.

Winter Hunts (December 14 – February 16)

Five Day Hunt


Seven Day COMBO Hunt